The Neuroscience Of Mental Well-Being And Healthy Relationships – Expert Mind Talk With Justin James Kennedy

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Dr Justin James Kennedy

The concept of neuroplasticity is well-known among experts and needless to say very, very interesting. Neuroscience plays a very important role when it comes to our mental well-being and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, it also plays an integral part when it comes to feeling happy and building healthy relationships.

For this Expert Mind Talk, we have Professor Justin James Kennedy with us who is an executive health coach and expert in organizational neuroscience. He’s a TEDx speaker who wrote the highly acclaimed book, ‘’Brain Re-Boot’’ and the textbook on Wellbeing Neuroscience.

At the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience, he researches with expert coaches and Ph.D. candidates, to understand the confusion about neuroplasticity. Prof. Kennedy shares the science and offers coaches many practical ‘brain-hacks’ that build resilience and improve cognitive performance for all.

In this Mind Talk Session, he explains the relevance of Neuroplasticity, how to understand it, and what happens to the brain when it goes through the process of neuroplasticity.

Check out the video now to know more about this.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Intro: Relevance of Neuroplasticity (4:25)
  • What happens into the brain when it goes through the process of Neuroplasticity (11:01)
  • Emoji Game (13:37)
  • Difference between Feeling and an Emotion (21:21)
  • Neuroscience of Trust (26:55)
  • ABCD Brain Type Test (42:34)
  • Understanding the Neuroplasticity: How to apply it? (53:23)
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