Has your child been acting out or refusing to go to school?
Are they finding it difficult to concentrate?
Or facing problems with basic reading, writing, and math?

You may resort to scolding or punishing your child when they are not behaving how you’d expect them to, but that can often lead to even adverse effects.

Statistics suggest that more than 50 million children in India are affected by mental health issues. A lot of the time, depression or anxiety-related problems can manifest as ‘misbehavior’ and it can be tough for a parent to understand why their child is behaving in a certain way.

A child psychologist can effectively guide you through such situations and equip your child to deal with obstacles more effectively.

What To Expect From Parent-child Counseling?

Some parents tend to be strict disciplinarians while others offer their children considerable leeway. Every approach comes with its pros and cons.

A parent-child counselor can help you gain more insight into your parenting style and find that sweet spot between highly authoritarian and extremely permissive parenting.

Before starting therapy, here are a few more things you might want to keep in mind:

Your therapist will work in collaboration with you and your child. It is important to understand a situation holistically before establishing goals and starting any kind of intervention. Thus both of your perspectives will be important in guiding therapy.

Your involvement as a parent is essential. You might feel that it is your child who mainly needs help. However, being involved in the process of therapy from the beginning will help you gain a better understanding of your child’s issues and intervene accordingly.

Therapy is a time-taking process. You may not be able to immediately change the way you raise your child just as your child will not be able to change their behavior overnight. Patience is key in such situations as results take time.

Therapy is a safe space to discuss your parenting challenges. Rest assured that you will not be judged for your feelings.