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Mental Health

Read beneficial research-based information on various mental health topics to help understand your psychological condition and seek medical treatment if needed.

In this ever-changing environment, maintaining healthy mental well-being helps individuals to be able to function properly in daily life. Lack of mental disorder is one of the significant aspects of a healthy mental state. The term ‘mental health’ involves several psychological conditions and disorders that can be triggered by various psychological and environmental factors. The conditions include depression, anxiety, stress, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), altruism, concussion, dementia, personality disorder, autism, psychosis, phobia, and many more. Individuals may also experience several mental health conditions due to their different personality traits, such as anger, smoking, drug abuse, narcissism, etc. Many societal situations where people experience discrimination, social stigma, and bullying may also lead to chronic mental health problems.



    Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior where someone repeatedly and intentionally causes discomfort or injury to another person. A person may use force, threat,… Read More »Bullying



      Gaslighting refers to a psychological manipulation strategy that is used to influence, intimidate, or gain power over someone.

      Sleep Disorders site

      Sleep Disorders

        Sleep disorders are a group of health conditions that disturb normal sleep patterns.

        Gender Dysphoria

        Gender Dysphoria

          Gender dysphoria is a sense of unease a person experiences because of a mismatch between his/her biological sex and gender identity.

          Sociopath site


            Sociopath refers to an individual who is suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). It is a mental health condition where a person often shows a… Read More »Sociopath

            What Is Mania


              Mania is a disabling psychiatric disorder that affects a person’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Mania is often associated with bipolar disorders, schizoaffective disorders, and… Read More »Mania

              Borderline Personality Disorder site

              Borderline Personality Disorder

                Borderline personality disorder is a psychiatric condition that affects our emotional regulation and distorts our self-image and sense of reality.

                Acute Stress Disorder site

                Acute Stress Disorder

                  Acute stress disorder is a mental disorder that develops after an intensely traumatic experience. If left unaddressed, it can lead to more severe conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.



                    Kleptomania is the inability to resist the urge to steal which is usually not for personal or financial gain. In most cases, people suffering from… Read More »Kleptomania



                      Catatonia is characterized by a group of certain symptoms that usually involve a lack of movement and communication and also include agitation, confusion, and restlessness.… Read More »Catatonia

                      self harm

                      Self Harm

                        Self-Harm is a common behavior of self harm stemming from multiple mental disorders in children, adolescents, and the elderly population. It is conducted without any… Read More »Self Harm



                          Stress is a natural reaction of the human body to any kind of demand or challenge.



                            Loneliness refers to a distressing state of mind that can make someone feel alone, empty, abandoned, and unwanted. When the feeling of being isolated worsens… Read More »Loneliness



                              Psychoanalysis is a theory of personality and psychopathology that deals with the unconscious mind. Psychoanalysts believe that all of us have unconscious thoughts, emotions, wants,… Read More »Psychoanalysis

                              Dependent Personality Disorder

                              Dependent Personality Disorder

                                Dependent Personality Disorder is a complex mental disorder. Know what it is, its symptoms, its causes, and its treatment methods.



                                  Dementia refers to a broad term used to describe a set of symptoms including loss of memory, word-finding, problem-solving, thinking, communication, logical and social abilities.… Read More »Dementia

                                  What Is Discrimination


                                    Discrimination refers to the intended differential and unfair treatment of people, groups, or communities because of their certain personality traits. The traits can be their… Read More »Discrimination