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Mental Health

Read beneficial research-based information on various mental health topics to help understand your psychological condition and seek medical treatment if needed.

In this ever-changing environment, maintaining healthy mental well-being helps individuals to be able to function properly in daily life. Lack of mental disorder is one of the significant aspects of a healthy mental state. The term ‘mental health’ involves several psychological conditions and disorders that can be triggered by various psychological and environmental factors. The conditions include depression, anxiety, stress, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), altruism, concussion, dementia, personality disorder, autism, psychosis, phobia, and many more. Individuals may also experience several mental health conditions due to their different personality traits, such as anger, smoking, drug abuse, narcissism, etc. Many societal situations where people experience discrimination, social stigma, and bullying may also lead to chronic mental health problems.



    In psychology, attention refers to the cognitive and behavioral process of concentrating our awareness on a particular object, situation or phenomenon while excluding other intelligible… Read More »Attention

    Abortion site


      Abortion, also known as termination of pregnancy, refers to the end of pregnancy either by consumption of medicines or surgery.

      Addiction Changes The Brain


        Addiction is a chronic biopsychosocial condition that is caused by a combination of factors like genetics, brain structure, environment and life experiences. People addicted to… Read More »Addiction

        holiday deprtession site

        Holiday Depression

          Holiday Depression or Holiday Blues, refers to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, low moods and rumination during the holiday season.

          Pica Disorder

          Pica Disorder

            Pica refers to the pathological and compulsive craving for and ingestion of non-nutritive or non-food items. It is a persistent mental disorder that is characterized… Read More »Pica Disorder

            Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder site

            Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)

              Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) is a mood disorder that occurs in children. It is characterized by intense irritability, persistent anger, and frequent, extreme temper outbursts.



                Drunkorexia is a disorder that involves the traits of anorexia or bulimia combined with alcohol abuse. This term is usually used to indicate the utilization… Read More »Drunkorexia

                Seasonal Affective Disorder site

                Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

                  Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder that is experienced every year at the same time and is also called summer or winter depression. SAD is considered to be a subtype of depression.