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Mental Health

Read beneficial research-based information on various mental health topics to help understand your psychological condition and seek medical treatment if needed.

In this ever-changing environment, maintaining healthy mental well-being helps individuals to be able to function properly in daily life. Lack of mental disorder is one of the significant aspects of a healthy mental state. The term ‘mental health’ involves several psychological conditions and disorders that can be triggered by various psychological and environmental factors. The conditions include depression, anxiety, stress, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), altruism, concussion, dementia, personality disorder, autism, psychosis, phobia, and many more. Individuals may also experience several mental health conditions due to their different personality traits, such as anger, smoking, drug abuse, narcissism, etc. Many societal situations where people experience discrimination, social stigma, and bullying may also lead to chronic mental health problems.

Coping with depression site

Coping With Depression

    Depression is a challenging mental condition. But, coping with depression can be easy with the right therapy, medication, and self-help strategies.

    Baby Blues site

    Baby Blues

      Baby blues is a feeling of moodiness, sadness, and anger that new mothers experience after giving birth.

      Gambling Disorder site

      Gambling Disorder

        Gambling disorder (GD) is a progressive impulse-control disorder that can affect the sufferers’ families and social lives.



          Psychotherapy is a form of mental health treatment that is used to help people suffering from psychological disorders and emotional difficulties.



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