Australian App TALi Helps Indian Parents Improve Attention Skills In Kids

Attention skills
  • An Australian tech company has launched a smartphone app named TALi to help parents improve their children’s attention deficit problems.
  • Many Indian celebrities have personally endorsed TALi and shared how this app immensely helped improve the attention skills of their children.

Attention-deficit and concentration difficulties are the two most common problems among children across the globe, as per World Health Organization (WHO) statistics. Attention-deficit issues pose long-term threats to a child’s education, social skills, mental health, and hamper the prospects of their bright future.

Symptoms of attention and concentration issues look like difficulties in focusing on things and paying attention to instructions. To support the parents whose children have attention deficit problems, a renowned Australian tech Company, TALi, has launched an android application that is currently gaining immense popularity in India. After some ground-breaking research, TALi discovered a revolutionary solution to manage the increasing attention deficit issues in children aged 3 to 8 years.

In India, TALi has emerged as one of the most popular smartphone apps among celebrity parents. Bollywood celebrity moms and dads like Neha Dhupia, Soha Ali Khan, and Karanvir Bohra have personally endorsed the TALi app and its beneficial features. They have revealed how this app helped in strengthening the attention and concentration skills of their kids in just five weeks.

“For me, the #TaliApp has been the perfect tool to fall back on. It has helped me understand my little one and her attention skills better. With their quick online test, you can see what intrigues your children most and their detailed report will help you understand And focus on what’s important,” Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia wrote in one of her Instagram posts.

The company has globally launched two highly effective attention apps TALi and TALi TRAIN. TALi’s attention program is specifically designed in an interactive way to help the parents understand their children’s skills against their peers. The app offers premium training courses to develop each child’s individual attention needs. The app has 10,000 worldwide downloads with 4.2 ratings in the google play store.

National Health Service (NHS) experts suggest that proper planning, setting clear boundaries, being positive, regular physical exercise, healthy eating, and enough sleep time are a few helpful ways children can improve their attention skills.

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