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Crime Documentaries  On  Amazon Prime

Cold Case Files (1999) 

Explores unsolved cases, revealing connections between crime, psychopathology, and forensic science.

The House Of Suh (2010) 

Exposes the psychological dynamics in the sensational murder of a American-Korean family. 

Goodnight Sugar Babe: The Killing Of Vera Jo Reigle (2013) 

Showcases the intricacies of mental health stigma and legal injustice in the murder of a mentally-ill young mother.  

The Making Of The Mob (2015)

Shows organized crime's psychological underpinnings and purposes. 

You Belong To Me: Sex, Race, And Murder In The South (2015)

Explores the complex interplay between racism, mental health, and crime in the trial and death sentence of Ruby McCollum in the 1950s.

Unseen (2016)

Investigates the relationship between misogyny and women's mental health in the case of the serial "The Cleveland Strangler" Anthony Sowell. 

American Tragedy (2019)

Analyzes crime and teen mental health issues in the context of the Columbine school-shooting massacre. 

Lorena (2019)

Examines abuse's psychological link to criminal behavior in the case of Lorena Bobbitt. 

Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer (2020)

Unearths American serial killer Ted Bundy's charm and manipulation tied to psychopathology.

Dancing On The Grave (2023)

Uncovers motives of psychopathology surrounding the murder mystery of an Indian aristocratic woman who was buried alive. 

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