Toxic Positivity

Involves the promotion or acceptance of unhealthy obesity or extreme weight without addressing the associated health risks.

Detox Teas And Supplements

Promote unhealthy diet culture and body obsession.

Thigh Gap Obsession

Encourages unrealistic and unhealthy body ideals.

Waist Training

Can lead to physical harm and worsen body image issues.


Unrealistic fitness standards that may lead to self-esteem issues.

Extreme Diet Challenges

Promote unhealthy relationships with food and body image.

Cosmetic Procedures Trend

Normalizes excessive body modification.

Waif-Like Beauty Standards

Reinforces unrealistic thinness ideals.

Obsessive Calorie Counting

Contributes to disordered eating and anxiety.

Excessive Gym Culture

Can lead to body dysmorphia and physical harm.

Can body positivity be harmful? 


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