Contamination OCD

Is an intense fear of germs or dirt—leading to excessive cleaning, hand-washing, or avoiding contaminants.

Checking OCD

Involves persistent doubts (like worrying about unlocked doors or turned-off appliances), leading to repetitive checking behaviors.

Hoarding OCD

Sees people accumulate items, even worthless ones—resulting in cluttered living spaces and difficulty discarding possessions.

Symmetry And Order OCD 

Has people obsessing over perfect order and symmetry, including arranging objects meticulously or engaging in repetitive rituals.

Intrusive Thoughts OCD

Includes distressing and unwanted thoughts, often involving violence or taboo subjects, leading to mental rituals to neutralize them.

Sexual Orientation OCD (SO-OCD)

Features distressing doubts about one's sexual orientation and identity, leading to reassurance-seeking behavior or avoidance.

Religious Or Moral OCD

Sees the affected obsess over religious or moral beliefs and engage in compulsions like prayer or confession.

Health Anxiety (Somatic OCD)

Involves excessive preoccupation with physical health and perceived illnesses, often leading to frequent body checks or medical reassurance-seeking.

Perfectionism OCD

In which the affected set unrealistically high standards, obsess over avoiding mistakes, and engage in rituals to prevent errors.

Superstitious OCD

Includes irrational beliefs and fears tied to superstitions, leading to compulsive rituals or avoidance behaviors to prevent perceived bad luck or harm.

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