Pumpkin Carving Meditation

Carve or decorate pumpkins mindfully, focusing on the creative process to relax and unwind.

Costume Self-Expression 

Choose a Halloween costume that makes you feel confident, creative, or comfortable, rather than just going with trends.

Horror Movie Night

Enjoy a cozy night in with your favorite Halloween-themed movies, but be mindful of your comfort level with horror.

Autumn Nature Walk 

Take a calming walk in a park or through the woods to appreciate the changing leaves and crisp fall air.

Candlelit Bath

Treat yourself to a warm, candlelit bath with your favorite Halloween-scented bath products.

Festive Baking

Bake seasonal treats like pumpkin spice cookies or apple pies to indulge in the flavors of autumn.

Haunted History Tour

Explore the history of local haunted places or take a virtual tour to learn about spooky legends without leaving your home.

Pumpkin Spice Tea Time

Sip on pumpkin spice or cinnamon tea while curling up with a good book or engaging in a creative hobby.

Gentle Haunted House Visit

Visit a haunted house attraction if you enjoy the thrill, but choose a gentler one that won't overwhelm you.

Reflect and Release Ritual

Create a Halloween ritual where you reflect on what you want to release or let go of, and then symbolically let it go by burning a piece of paper or lighting a candle.

Want to know how Halloween celebrates our biology of fear? 


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