Reserve The Bed For Sleeping Only

Designate your bed exclusively for sleeping, in a consistent sleep routine, to condition your mind for rest. 

Digital Detox An Hour Before Bedtime

Disconnect from screens to reduce exposure to stimulating blue light before sleep.

Pitch Dark Room

Create optimal sleep conditions by keeping your sleeping space completely dark.

Drink Chamomile Or Lavender Tea

Avoid caffeine and choose a calming cup of chamomile or lavender tea to promote relaxation before bedtime. 

Showering At Night

Take a warm shower before bed to unwind and signal to your body that it is time to sleep.

Journal Before Bed

Release thoughts and worries by jotting them down in a journal before bedtime. 

Sleep-Based Gadgets

Use sleep-friendly technology or gadgets like sleep tracking apps, white noise machines, etc. to enhance sleep quality.

Relaxation Techniques

Practice mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation or Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) for a peaceful transition into sleep.

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