Excessive Stress

Follows the tragic love story of Layla and Qays, whose deep affection leads to societal disapproval, forcing Qays into madness and Layla into a life of heartache.

The story highlights how insanity and obsessive love can result in unsuccessful relationships, heartbreak, and death. 

The Little Mermaid (Denmark)

Revolves around a mermaid princess who sacrifices her voice for a chance at human love with a human prince.

The story highlights how overly sacrificing love and a refusal to accept one's true self can result in mental anguish. It also shows how disability disrupts our self-esteem and social relationships.

Shakuntala (India)

Depicts the love between King Dushyanta and Shakuntala, complicated by a curse that causes him to forget her. 

The story subtly portrays forgetfulness and amnesia  and explores how these memory disorders impact our romantic relationships, parenthood, etc. 

The Green Willow (China)

Uses the backdrop of a tragic love story between an aristocrat's daughter and a poor accountant to give powerful lessons on mental resilience, happiness, loss, and grief.

Rip Van Winkle (Germany)

Shows the realities of cataplexy-narcolepsy syndrome (paralysis-like sleep) and the social challenges it poses in the protagonist, Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep for 20 years. 

The Tale Of Genji (Japan)

Uses the central love story of Hikaru Genji and a concubine in Heian-era Japan to highlight psychogenetic and psychosomatic disorders and how these disrupt romantic and social relationships.

Pollyanna (America)

Tells the story of an optimistic orphan Pollyanna and her attempt to find love and companionship.

The story highlights the pitfalls of maladaptive "faux" or excessive optimism and its social consequences. Psychiatrists call this the "Pollyanna syndrome".

La Llorona (Mexico)

Follows a ghostly weeping woman who, driven by heartbreak, wanders in search of her lost children.

The folklore depicts how toxic and resentful romantic relationships can disrupt social relationships and trigger tragedies like infanticide, homicide, suicide, etc.

What Is The Role Of Folklore In Shaping Perceptions Of Mental Illness?


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