Winter phobias are unique irrational fears associated with the cold season of the year. It can be of various types:  


Is the fear of snow. It is often triggered by concerns about getting stuck or experiencing extreme cold.


Is the fear of being frozen to death. This may manifest as an aversion to winter temperatures.


Is the fear of blood. It is exacerbated during the winter in people who suffer from frequent nosebleeds and cold allergies.


Is the fear of developing frostbite. It is associated with anxiety about exposure to extremely cold conditions.


Is the fear of dampness or moisture. It is common in people living in places with wet winters. 

Cabin Fever

Involves feeling trapped and restless during winter due to prolonged indoor stays. It manifests in people inhabiting snowed down areas. 


Is the fear of the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. It can instigate intense anxiety or panic attacks in people of the Scandinavian countries. 

An Irrational Fear Of 'Winter' Driving 

Can stem from concerns about icy roads and reduced visibility. This causes limited mobility and stress during the colder months.


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