More Vulnerable To Mental Illness And Suicide?


Research attests to the realities of toxic kitchen culture, as emphasized by filmmaker Mark Mylod’s “The Menu”.

The recent blockbuster “The Menu” (2022) had for its central character Julian Slowik, a celebrity chef (essayed by the brilliant Ralph Fiennes

who unleashes an Agatha Christie-style vengeance on the small guest cohort invited to his exclusive private-island restaurant. 

The film explores the narcissism and poor mental health associated with prominent personalities of the gastro-tourism industry.

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Emerging studies point to the three-pronged personality flaws—perfectionism, narcissism, and obsessiveness—that plague the food industry. 

In fact, chefs have a higher-than-average risk of exposure to chronic pain and depression. 

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Job demands, a long working day, and work-related stress increase their likelihood of developing mental illness and suicidality. 

Their professional hazards also include coronary and cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and body clock disorders.

Such unpleasant mental health conditions triggered by “kitchen culture” are not only destructive to the staff but also self-destructive to the chef. 

For instance, the awarding of Michelin stars saw the death of two celebrity chefs, Benoît Violier and Bernard Loiseau.  

Benoît Violier

Joseph Cerniglia, a New Jersey chef, jumped off the George Washington Bridge and committed suicide in the Hudson River after faring poorly in chef Gordon Ramsay's high-heat, reality-cooking series. 

Gordon Ramsay 

Joseph Cerniglia 

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