Beloved Authors

Franz Kafka 

Grappled with chronic anxiety and depression, which often manifested in his surreal and existential works.

Edgar Allen Poe  

Struggled with depression, alcoholism, and a haunting melancholy that echoed through his macabre tales and poetry. 

Sylvia Plath  

Grappled with severe depression and tragically took her own life.

Ernest Hemingway  

Suffered from bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and alcoholism throughout his life.

Virginia Woolf  

Struggled with bipolar disorder, which contributed to her eventual suicide.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky  

Battled epilepsy and depression—mental health disorders that profoundly shaped his literary works.

Emily Dickinson 

Experienced episodes of anxiety and depression; these mental health disorders influenced her introspective poetry. 

Mark Twain  

Contended with periods of depression and financial difficulties throughout his writing career.

Ohann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Was known to deal with mood swings and bouts of melancholy. 

Leo Tolstoy 

Fought against spiritual and existential crises, which went on to impact his philosophical writings.

Salman Rushdie

Confronted post-traumatic stress disorder following a "fatwa" against him.

J. K. Rowling 

Overcame clinical depression and used her experiences to inspire themes in her writing.

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