When you can't recognize your most beloved ones

Understanding the psychology behind why people mistake their close ones for imposters

In 1991, psychiatrists K. M. Passer and J. K. Warnock diagnosed a certain Mrs. D, a 74-year-old married housewife who threw fits that her husband has been replaced by another man.

What Is Capgras Delusion?

She “refused to sleep with the impostor, locked her bedroom and door at night, asked her son for a gun, and finally fought with the police when attempts were made to hospitalize her”.

What Are The Symptoms Of Capgras Syndrome?

At times, she mistook her husband for her long-deceased father.

In psychiatry, this syndrome is called 

—a psychiatric disorder in which people irrationally believe that their loved ones are replaced by imposters.

Capgras delusion

How To Help Someone With Capgras Delusion?