The age-old debate between tea and coffee has raged for centuries.

Beyond flavor preferences, these drinks can impact mental health and productivity in the workplace. 

This is because both tea and coffee offer unique benefits.

The high caffeine content in coffee provides:

>  Immediate energy boost

>  Alertness

This makes coffee most suitable for early morning pick-me-ups! 

However, coffee's rapid effects can lead to: 

>  Jitters 

>  Anxiety 

>  Sleep problems  

Contrarily, tea:

>  Contains lower levels of caffeine.

>  Offers a more gradual, sustained energy release

>  Has natural relaxation properties that alleviate stress and anxiety 

Ultimately, moderation is key. 

Moreover, the choice between tea and coffee for mental health at work depends on personal preferences and sensitivities.

Other than coffee and tea, these beverages also boost workplace mental health.


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