Climate action has been a relatively underwhelming topic in India. But, recent cinematic works have sought to explore the Indian psychology concerning climate change, including climate anxiety.

Climate anxiety is a psychological distress or fear experienced by individuals due to the perceived and anticipated impacts of climate change on the environment and future generations.

Signs of climate anxiety may include: – Persistent worry about the effects of climate change – Feelings of helplessne – Eco-grief - Heightened stress about environmental concerns. 

"Kadvi Hawa" (2017) depicts the human suffering in the drought prone Bundelkhand region, and the dangerously flooded coastal Orissa and Chambal Rajasthan.

Against the backdrop of the Uttarakhand floods, "Kedarnath" (2018) portrays the wrath of Nature and how humans are hapless against it.

"Kantara" (2022) uses folklore to portray the eco-grief surrounding human-nature conflict. 

"Bhediya" (2022) uses supernatural  means fueled by climate anxiety and eco-grief concern to protect Nature against human encroachment. 

"The Archies" (2023) portrays a post-colonial India meshed in the tussle between capitalism and environmental concerns. 

The environmental activism in "The Archies" directly deals with full-blown climate anxiety in the younger generations and efforts to conserve the Green for a healthier future. 

These films lay bare the physical and mental health consequences of the climate crisis, supplementing the public awareness fostered by environmental initiatives in India.


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