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Feeling The Holiday Blues?

The holidays are a time for joy, inspiration, and connection with loved ones. 

However, for some people, the holiday season, (specifically the months of November and December) can also bring sadness and self-reflection. 

Holiday depression is typically temporary and tends to pass naturally. That said, when left unaddressed, it may worsen and eventually, cause severe anxiety and major depression. 

Please note that the holiday blues are separate from clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder. 

Symptoms Of  Holiday Blues

1. Stress and anxiety 2. Persistent low mood 3. Fatigue and exhaustion 4. Lack of motivation or energy 5. Isolation and loneliness 6. Frustration or irritability 7. Changes in appetite, weight, and sleep

8. Hopelessness or helplessness 9. Guilt or feelings of worthlessness 10. Trouble concentrating 11. Inability to enjoy pleasure activities 12. A sense of loss or grief 13. Lethargy or laziness

1. Unrealistic expectation 2. Rumination and reflection 3. Isolation 4. Financial stress

Causes Of Holiday Depression

1. Excessive drinking 2. Over-eating 3. Lack of sleep 4. Fatigue 5. Family obligation 6. Traveling

Other reasons for the holiday blues may include:

There is no specific treatment for holiday blues as it is not identified as a mental illness by doctors. However, if a person is suffering from clinical depression or seasonal affective disorder, then a doctor may prescribe antidepressants and/or recommend psychotherapy interventions. 

Treating Holiday Depression

1. Limit alcohol intake 2. Avoid self-isolation 3. Be assertive and don’t hesitate to say ‘No’ 4. Set realistic expectation 5. Make time for yourself 6. Get physically active and exercise regularly 7. Don’t depend on substances for relief

How To Deal With Holiday Blues

8. Build a healthy lifestyle, like eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep 9. Avoid overeating 10. Prepare for the holidays well in advance 11. Acknowledge and accept your emotion 12. Seek help from family and friends when mourning a deceased loved one 13. Consult a therapist

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