How Can “YOU” Justify Your Obsession With Serial Killers?

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The Netflix original series starring Penn Badgley returns to spark a debate on the popular penchant for charming serial killers and the violent mentally ill.

Interviewer: What is your message to people who are finding themselves attracted to serial killers?

Penn Badgley: To be fair, with our show, you’re meant to fall in love with [Joe]. That’s on us. Ted Bundy? That’s on you. Jeffrey Dahmer? That is on Netflix! 

American actor Penn Badgley, to say the least, isn’t fond of the most iconic character he has essayed so far—Joe Goldberg, the charming serial killer in Netflix’s critically acclaimed series “YOU”. 

In several interviews, Badgley has repeatedly cautioned his audience about adoring serial killers.

In a recent interview, he called out the streaming giant and its audience for their insatiable thirst for infamous serial killers, fictional and non-fictional.   

Goldberg appears to be an amalgamation of extreme personality traits that are construed to create a racing story and a central character that elicits empathy in viewers, despite the rising body count. 

Although he displays compelling signs of antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and untreated childhood trauma—he is seen as a victim of his unfortunate circumstances. 

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His psychopathy appears to be fuelled by his heavily dependent relationships with toxic people like his abusive mother, his promiscuous girlfriend Beck, and his murderous wife Love.

“YOU”, despite its success, has come under fire for glorifying people with untreated mental illness and unhealthy behavioral patterns.

Mental health experts have slammed the show for its regressive and unrealistic portrayal of mental health. 

Many, like Badgley, have raised alarm at the unanimous justification and sympathy for Goldberg’s pattern of becoming obsessed with

certain women, stalking them, winning them over, and killing anyone he believes has wronged his love interests.  

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