The Greatness of

Is Unmatched, Despite Personal Tragedies

Keanu Reeves

The iconic actor appears to be as winning at mental health, as he is in his profession. 

Keanu Reeves is one of the handfuls of beloved Hollywood actors with a stellar career and an even more stellar reputation for being a glorious human being. 

Dubbed the “Internet’s Boyfriend”, he is also frequently captured in the public arena displaying less-than-a-star-like behavior, 

such as sitting alone on a bench and eating a sandwich out of a plastic bag or always wearing “normcore,” exceptionally dressed down outfits.  

At this point, it is safe to say that Reeves’s reputation exceeds him, for the better. 

But, Reeves’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Since childhood, he has struggled with dyslexia,  a learning and developmental disorder. 

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To add to this are his personal difficulties. Growing up, he juggled multiple stepfathers and countries. His sister was diagnosed with leukemia. 

His girlfriend died in a car crash, weeks after giving birth to their stillborn daughter. His best friend died of a fatal overdose. 

In 2010, the “Sad Keanu” meme went viral after paparazzi photographs emerged of him sitting on a park bench with a sad expression. 

However, time and again, he has reassured his fans of his sound mental health. 

He has also shown flair in playing complex characters marked by grief, loss, and bereavement.  

And, if this isn’t all, he founded a private cancer foundation in response to his sister's battle with leukemia. He also donates stratospheric sums to hospitals and charities. 

He is also known to generously help out people in need, especially the cast and crew of his films. 

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