5 Major Signs Of Mental Health Issues In Men

Men don’t feel emotional pain. Or so we have been taught. The reality is men can get depressed, anxious, and suicidal. Mental illness in men is an alarming issue

Adult men, especially men in their 50s, suffer from a range of mental disorders but they choose to stay silent.

Warning signs of mental health issues in men

Although both men and women can suffer from the same psychiatric disorders, signs of mental health issues in a man can vary greatly from that of a woman. The 5 major warning signs of mental health issues in men are –

1. Dramatic changes in mood

A man suffering from some form of mental illness is likely to experience extremely high and/or low moods accompanied by high and/or low levels of energy. Such extreme changes in mood is common for most mental conditions.

2. High levels of anxiety

When a man is coping with mental illness, they will probably experience excessive anxiety, worry and fear. Coupled with overthinking and intrusive thoughts, paranoia is also widely experienced by men suffering from mental disorders.

3. Persistent sadness

One of the most common signs of mental health issues in men is long-lasting feelings of sadness. Often associated with depression and related conditions, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, emptiness, and irritability can be frequently experienced.

4. Changes in appetite and/or sleep

Men coping with mental illness often experienced dramatic changes in their appetite, either eating less or more than they previously used to. They may also experience drastic changes in their sleeping patterns or have trouble sleeping as well.

5. Social withdrawal

Social isolation and withdrawal are among the most widely observed signs of mental health issues in men. They may avoid socializing or interacting with others, become increasingly shy and withdrawn and may even isolate themselves, avoiding contact even with loved ones.

Unrecognized signs of mental health issues in men

– Drinking more than usual or experimenting with drugs – Avoiding work, family duties, and/or other responsibilities – Low sex drive – Being abusive or controlling in relationships – Nervousness – Refusing to seek help

How to nurture a good mental health?

Signs of mental health issues for men in their 50’s

– Confusion – Disorientation – Lack of Concentration – Unable to make decisions – Depressive mood lasting more than two weeks – Memory Loss – Social Withdrawal

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