Jauhar Suicides (1300s-1500s)

Saw women and children embrace self-immolation to prevent capture after military defeat. These suicides occurred across Hindu Rajput kingdoms in medieval Rajasthan.

Bekeranta Suicides (1843-44)

In then-British Guiana, the shaman Awakaipu convinced 400 Pemon tribesmen to commit suicide in order to reincarnate themselves as white people. 

The Suicide Of Saipan (1944)

Saw hundreds of Japanese civilians and Imperial Japanese Army soldiers jump off cliffs, fearing the impending American invasion and brutal capture at the end of World War II.

Jonestown Massacre (1978)

In Jonestown, Guyana, cult leader Jim Jones ordered over 900 Peoples Temple followers to drink poisoned punch—in a gesture of "revolutionary suicide" to protest worldly wrongs.

Solar Temple Suicides (1994–1997)

Occurred across France, Switzerland, and Canada, wherein 74 members of the Order of the Solar Temple died. Their deaths were driven by the desire to travel to the star Sirius—liberating themselves of the world's oppression.

Heaven's Gate Suicides (1997)

Witnessed the death of 39 Heaven's Gate Order-members in the US. They believed their deaths meant boarding an extraterrestrial spacecraft following comet Hale–Bopp. 

Uganda Mass Death (2000)

Was orchestrated by the doomsday cult the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God to escape an apocalypse. It resulted in a staggering 778 deaths.

Béchard Lane Eckankar (2004)

Ten people belonging to the Eckankar sect carried out a mass suicide, in Mauritius, for their spiritual beliefs.

Adam House Suicides (2007)

A Bangladeshi family of 9, belonging to the self-formed "Adam's cult," died by throwing themselves under a train. They wanted to live a religion-free life (inspired by Adam and Eve) in isolation.

Burari Deaths (2018)

Saw 11 family members undergo ritualized hanging, in a rare instance of shared psychosis, in Delhi.

Shakahola Forest Massacre (2023)

In Kenya, 400 people died from self-imposed starvation in mass graves, under the instructions of cult leader, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie. 

Is suicide A Cross-Generational Crisis?


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