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Matthew Perry

Opens Up About His Tough Struggle With Addiction


Perry’s memoir also lauded the role of therapy and the support of his Friends cast members in his recovery


Canadian actor Matthew Perry, who delighted us as the goofy and awkward Chandler Bing on the pop cultural phenomenon “Friends”, recently chronicled his mental health struggles with substance use disorder—especially alcoholism and drug addiction. 


Titled “Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing”, his memoir delves deep into his brush with global fame, attachment, addiction, and therapy.   Perry said that he struggled with his parents’ divorce, loneliness, and self-doubt. With Friends’ success, he became addicted to substances, ranging from vodka to prescription painkillers. 


He compulsively stole pills from medicine cabinets in real estate open houses and took 55 Vicodin pills a day! In one interview, he even confessed that he couldn’t remember filming three whole seasons of his famous show. Over the years, he went through detox 65 times, 14 surgeries, 15 rehab stints, and two weeks in a coma.

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Perry, however, also highlighted the pivotal roles of self-reflection, therapy, rehabilitation, and social support in recovering from substance addiction. 


He also spoke passionately about helping others combat addiction. He said:  

“[When someone calls me for help], I say, ‘Come over. Let's talk.' I have the answer because of stumbling so much. I could help them.” 


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