Self-Realization And Identity 

Discover your true self (Atman) and its connection to the universal consciousness (Brahman). Realize that your body is temporary, but your soul is eternal.

Detachment And Non-Attachment 

Practice detachment from the outcomes of your actions. Perform your duties without attachment to reduce stress.

Mind Control (Yoga)

Use meditation and yoga to control your mind's fluctuations. Achieve mental calmness and inner peace through disciplined practices.

Equanimity In Success And Failure 

Maintain a balance between success and failure. Understand life's ups and downs are temporary, and real joy comes from within.

Dharma (Duty And Righteousness) 

Fulfill your responsibilities (dharma) and uphold your values. Living in line with your dharma provides purpose and fulfillment.

Compassion And Selfless Service

Cultivate compassion for all beings. Engage in selfless service (seva) to alleviate suffering and find contentment.

Overcoming Arjuna's Dilemma

Learn from Arjuna's self-doubts and inner conflict. Seek guidance and mental clarity when facing life's tough challenges.

The Importance Of Bhakti (Devotion)

Develop loving devotion (bhakti) towards the Divine. Surrendering to a higher power can offer solace and strength.

Timeless Wisdom And Universal Truths

Know that Lord Krishna's teachings are timeless. Apply these truths to navigate life's complexities and maintain mental health.


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