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10  Movies & TV Series about Technological Dystopia  

Rose's unwillingness to share the door with Jack may have stolen the thunder, but James Cameron's masterpiece is all about man's technological hubris and a nascent tech dystopia.

In the portrayal of overconfidence in the ship's supposedly unsinkable design and the ensuing tragedy, "Titanic" emphasizes the disastrous consequences of blind faith in technology and scientific advancement.

Gerard Johnstone's AI-centric thriller follows an artificially intelligent doll who becomes lethally possessive of her human companion.

It highlights the dangers of unbridled AI and its unchecked advancement, raising ethical concerns about creating highly intelligent, autonomous machines.

Neill Blomkamp's dystopian sci-fi film shows an entitled elite living in space while the rest of humanity suffers on a dying Earth. It warns against burgeoning wealth disparity and technological segregation.

Set in a world where robots serve humans, Alex Proyas's work cautions against blind reliance on technology. It explores the consequences of placing too much trust in 'wilful' artificial intelligence. 

In its portrayal of a dystopian future, Keanu Reeves's film highlights the perils of technological supremacy and the implications of surrendering control to advanced AI and virtual realms.

Michel Gondry science fiction drama warns about the ethical implications of memory-altering technology in the guise of a poignant romance.


It showcases how misused technology fragments memory and fractures relationships.

With its environmental message, James Cameron's work serves as a warning about the impact of unchecked scientific advancement on nature and indigenous cultures. 

Jacob Chase's horror movie shows a malevolent creature travelling through digital devices, warning of the dangers of unchecked technological intrusion in life.

It also explores themes of isolation and the risks of over-reliance on digital connections for social relationships.

Audrey Fouché's sci-fi series issues a cautionary tale about the potential dark side of advanced matchmaking technology.

It probes into the ethical dilemmas and emotional consequences that arise when we delegate our personal decisions to algorithms.

Penn Badgley's fan-favorite YOU warns of the dangers of oversharing and the invasive nature of modern technology and social media.

The Netflix series highlights how seemingly harmless online interactions come with vulnerability to manipulation and disastrous real-life consequences.

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