A Haunting Case Of  “Shared Psychosis”

On 1st July, 2018, 11 members of the multi-generational Bhatia family were found dead.

They appeared to have hanged themselves in the courtyard of their Chundawat house in Burari (North Delhi) after a nocturnal ritual. 

The investigation that followed engulfed the country in fear and conspiracy theories that spanned supernatural, religious, criminal, and psychiatric explanations.

A recent Netflix documentary titled House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths specifically explored the mysterious circumstances of “mass suicide” at Burari. 

Experts settled on a condition called  “shared psychosis”.

Alternatively known as 'shared psychotic disorder' or ‘induced delusional disorder’, it is a rare mass mental condition wherein a mentally sound group of people comes together to share certain delusions. 

It is a phenomenon wherein a person who does not have any pre-existing mental health disorder comes to believe and act on the delusions of another person with severe psychiatric illness. 

The spine-chilling documentary also highlights, amongst other things, the importance of mental health, particularly men’s mental well-being that is highly stigmatized in India. 

What are the signs & symptoms of Psychosis? Know all in detail below!

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