The 2023 film follows the queer love story between Alex Claremont-Diaz (the son of the president of the United States) and Prince Henry (the spare to the British throne).

With an eventful plot, it delves into numerous mental health issues in young adults.

Emotional Struggles And Grief

Alex and Henry both grapple with hidden grief, influenced by personal loss of a loved one. 

Self-Discovery And Identity

Their evolving relationship prompts self-awareness. Henry, particularly, reconciles his authentic self with royal expectations. 

Societal Pressures

Throughout the movie, public scrutiny and political demands create stressful situations and broken relationships. 

Homophobia And Insecurity

Alex's animosity and Henry's fear of coming out stem from anxiety and self-doubt.

Isolation And Loneliness

Despite their high-profile lives, Alex and Henry experience isolation due to the need to hide their true feelings.

Acceptance And Love

Alex and Henry learn to embrace themselves and their love, defying norms and expectations.

Resilience And Breaking Norms

Their resilience in pursuing love challenges societal norms, highlighting their strength and determination.

Dopamine Dressing and its Mental Health Magic  

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