What is Depression and how it's affecting




Depression is a common psychiatric disorder in which a person experiences low moods and loses interest in daily or leisurely activities.

Depression is a mental disorder marked by persistent sadness and diminished interest in previously enjoyed activities, along with other symptoms that interfere with daily functioning.

Major depression or major depressive disorder is the most common type of depression, occurring in approximately 280 million people around the world.

What causes Depression?

There are a variety of risk factors that have been associated with depression, such as: 1.  Genetics 2.  Hormonal dysfunction 3.  Negative experiences in childhood 4.  Certain lifestyle choices, etc.

Signs of Depression in Men, Women, and Children

Depression is not the same for everyone. It can manifest in a variety of different ways depending on age and gender.

Data suggests that women are more susceptible to depression than men due to hormonal fluctuations and genetic vulnerability.

Depression in women

If a woman is suffering from depression, she may

■ Lose or gain a lot of weight ■ Binge-eat or eat lesser than usual ■ Develop dark circles ■ Feel tired all the time ■ Engage in self-harm

What does depression in men look like?

Men do cry! But they are also likely to mask their sadness with

– Alcohol, drugs, and other substances – Aggressive behavior – Violence – Overworking – Self-sabotage and self-harm

Depression is often undiagnosed and untreated in men.

Telling signs of depression in teens

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In children and adolescents, depression can often be difficult to detect. It sometimes takes the form of

– Conduct and behavioral problems – Difficulty in schoolwork – Rebellion – Unexplained aches and pains – Trouble with friends and classmates

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