How The Series  “Ted  Lasso” Successfully Depicts Mental Health In Sport

The series also hails the pivotal roles of optimism and therapy in physical and psychological well-being

“Ted Lasso” is an American sports comedy-drama television series that charts the journey of its titular character (essayed by Jason Sudeikis) who is hired to run an English Premier League soccer team without any knowledge of how to play the game. 

Garnering a record number of Emmy nominations, the series was lauded for its portrayal of mental health in sports, the importance of therapy in male mental health treatment, and the power of positivity in human life.

The characters in the series display symptoms of depression, guilt, obsession, trauma, panic, and low self-esteem. They appear prone to mental health disorders linked to anxiety and performance. 

The series' focal point also covers the treatment of mental health in sports. The story arc involves a therapist and how both coach and therapist join hands to advance the lives of the members of the team. 

This essentially contributes much to the success of the series, as the viewer is also exposed to the possibility that positive change can occur with optimism, self-confidence, and good therapy.

Which factors influence optimism? Know more below!

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