The Boy Who Stayed Awake For


There are numerous answers about the longest time someone has slept, but how about the longest time someone stayed awake?

Randy Gardner, a teenager from San Diego, California, stayed awake for 11 days and 24 minutes, or 264 hours while in high school in 1965. 

It remains the longest documented record for the largest time without sleep, using no stimulants.  

In the end, Gardener was psychologically, mentally, and physically harmed, though he will eventually fully recover from the effects of his feat.

Gardner wanted to see what happens to the human body without sleep.  On day 2, his eyes stopped focusing and he lost the ability to identify objects through touch. 

Day 3 led him to be uncoordinated and moody; by day 11, he was struggling to

concentrate,  forgot things, became paranoid, and started hallucinating. 

What Gardner didn't realize at the time was that what he did was so dangerous that he could have died or suffered from permanent complications. 

Nowadays, The Guinness Book of World Records no longer maintains a record for sleep-deprivation because of how dangerous it could be.

How would you know that you have sleep disorder?  Know more below!

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