What Is The Link Between 

Criminality And Sexual Fetishism?

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Revisited case studies of serial killers throughout history have demonstrated the role corrupted sexuality played in psychopathology

The recent crime series around cannibalistic serial killers have frequently highlighted the link between homicide, cannibalism, and paraphilia. 

Be it the “Kobe Cannibal” Issei Sagawa or the “Milwaukee Cannibal” Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer or

the notorious “Ted” Bundy, criminology has found at the root of their crimes sexual fetishism and sexual sadism disorder.

Sexual fetishistic disorder is a type of paraphilia in which a person displays distressing and persistent patterns of sexual arousal involving the use of nonliving objects or specific, nongenital body parts. 

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Such mental conditions may also include transvestism (or intense sexual arousal from cross-dressing) and sexual sadism (or the infliction of physical or psychological suffering on another person to stimulate sexual excitement).

In fact, this connection was recently revisited in the newest installment of Netflix’s “Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore”

The series is centered around Umesh Reddy, the infamous serial killer and rapist in the Indian city of Bangalore in the 1990s. 

His main victims were women. Experts speaking in the show took special care to mention his pathological habit of collecting and dressing in his victims’ clothing and jewelry. 

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