A Healthy Diet 

Consider Nutrient-rich foods and rainbow diets to nourish the brain for optimal cognitive development and mental health. 

Sufficient Sleep

Quality sleep aids memory consolidation. Limit screen-time and maintain strict bedtime routines.

Regular Exercise

Physical activity enhances blood flow to the brain. Make opportunities for your child to indulge in outdoor play or sports. 

Brain-Boosting Activities

Puzzles, games, and challenges stimulate cognitive growth. Inculcate memory games, chess, and playing instruments during playtime. 

Active Learning

Cultivate a lifelong love for learning and intellectual curiosity by encouraging habits like reading, painting, etc. 


Interactions with peers foster emotional intelligence, adjustment, and problem-solving skills. Make time for play-dates and school events.

Stress Management

Stress makes children vulnerable to mental disorders. Teaching stress-coping techniques and mindfulness aids mental resilience.

Open Communication  

Encourage open communication. Be the safe space your child falls back on for any issue he/she faces. 

Teaching Visually

Creative teaching stimulates young minds. Creating mental images helps memory formation and academic performance. 

Seek Professional Help   

Consult experts when needed to address cognitive concerns in your child.

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