Set A Timer

Allocate a specific time for your break, like 5-10 minutes.

Move Around 

Stretch, walk, or do light exercises to refresh your body.


Drink water to stay hydrated. Boost energy levels with tea or coffee.

Deep Breathing 

Practice deep, slow breaths to reduce stress and clear your mind.


Step away from screens and technology to rest your eyes and mind.


Focus on the present moment, relax, and let go of work stress.

Snack Smart 

Have a small, nutritious snack to recharge your energy.

Listen To Music 

Enjoy calming music or your favorite tunes to unwind.

Socialize Briefly

Chat with colleagues about non-work topics to relax socially.


Engage in a brief, enjoyable activity you love, like doodling or reading a short article.

Master The Art and Science of Effective Workplace Breaks 


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