Understanding FoMo

Fear of Missing Out

A distinct phenomenon on social media platforms wherein people obsess over not keeping up with updated feed.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have certain features that allow its users to record the “here and now” and capture the present moments as they are being lived.  

However, experts have contended that such a manner of social interaction has fuelled a syndrome called “Fear of Missing Out” or FoMo.

FoMo is a syndrome characterized by the perception of missing out and experiencing the compulsive urge to maintain these social connections. 

It is a phenomenon that is essentially observed in social media networking sites. It can be problematic—leading to anxiety, poor sleep, irritability, and social media addiction to generate gratification. 

In the more severe cases, people with FoMo react violently if people fail or refuse to engage with them on social media.  

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