Tells Us About Accepting And Living With Grief And Trauma

What Amazon Prime’s 


How Our Mental Health Is Influenced In the Long Run By Our Unhealthy Decisions And Coping Strategies 

Amazon Prime Video’s award-winning mini-series ‘Fleabag’ (2016–19) follows the titular character in London

grappling with life and navigating her anger, confusion, and grief. 

No mental health issue is specifically portrayed in ‘Fleabag’

Instead, poor mental health is depicted as a mix of poor mental conditions, unhealthy coping strategies, denial, and lack of social support. 

Throughout the series, the protagonist is shown suffering from grief and trauma related to her best friend’s suicide and her mother’s death.

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An important cinematic device in the series involves the protagonist breaking the ‘fourth wall’ to provide internal monologues and running commentary to the audience. 

Film critics have considered this as the way Fleabag dissociates temporarily and copes with her unpleasant reality. 

This is also a marker of her chronic attentional deficiency and conflicts, as well as impulsiveness.

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