You might experience something like the following:

24 hours: Mild delirium, mood swings, and periods of intense sleepiness or activity.

48 hours: Impaired coordination, hormonal changes, and decreased general memory function, but improved short-term memory.

72 hours: Visual hallucinations and unintentional periods of "microsleep" and black out.

100+ hours: Re-enactment of the cult-status movie, Fight Club. 

11+ days: Win the prize for longest period a human has voluntarily gone without sleep (current holder is one Randy Gardner from San Diego, California).

2+ weeks: Some chance of death. Experiments with rats revealed that they died after 2-4 weeks (probably from hypermetabolism) after researchers kept them awake in an experimental setting.

6+ months: Certain death; If not death, then onset of rare disorders like Fatal familial insomnia.

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