What is The “Juliet Hysteria” At Verona?

Every year, from across the world, millions of personal and love letters arrive in truckloads at a small club nestled at the heart of Shakespeare’s “Fair Verona”. 

These letters contain requests for advice, pleas for understanding and compassion, confessions, culinary advice, and religious and political discussions. 

And, for the last eight decades, these letters have been religiously answered by the “Secretaries of Juliette”. 

Every day, they make sure that Juliet is not just a fictional heroine in a story, but also a real-life advisor and confidante. 

Experts have long dubbed this as the “Juliet Hysteria”, as a case of positive “mass hysteria” rooted in folklore, literature, heritage, and romanticism. 

In many ways, the “Letters to Juliet” symbolize modern-day pilgrims’ obsession with love and a heartwarming celebration of humanity. 

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