How “Witch Phobia” Killed

Hundreds Of Women In Early Modern Europe And America

How misogyny slaughtered and burned hundreds of women at the stake.

Witch hunts, perhaps, remain the most notorious episode of mass hysteria in history. 

In 1580–1630, “Wiccaphobia” or “witch phobia” gripped Europe and America, and it saw the trial and execution of hundreds of women for their alleged practice of ‘witchcraft’.

Popular literature sees these man-hunts as a cautionary tale about the dangers of misogyny, isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations, and legal lapses. 

Some scholars contend that most of the victims had epilepsy and conversion disorders that caused behavioral disorders and suspicion of black magic. 

Examples of wiccaphobia include the Salem witch trials and the Würzburg witch hunts in Germany. 

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