Forest Gump  (1994)

Follows Tom Hank's Forest Gump who navigates life with an intellectual disability and a debilitating carved spine. 

The Theory Of Everything  (2014)

Shows renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, played by Eddie Redmayne, navigating life and love with a motor neuron disease.

Edward Scissorhands  (1990)

Chronicles an artificial man with scissors for hands as he navigates American suburban life and his romance with a human girl.  The film highlights how physical disability can be stigmatizing and socially isolating.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape  (1993)

Follows Johnny Depp's Gilbert Grape as he grapples with family responsibilities, while caregiving for his mentally challenged brother and obese mother. 

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame  (1996)

In the legendary folklore, the movie exposes social prejudice and reservations against physically disabled or scarred individuals.

CODA (2021)

Ruby, a Child of Deaf Adults, played by Emilia Jones, explores the dynamics of a CODA navigating between her Deaf family and the hearing world, addressing communication challenges.

Me Before You  (2016)

Follows a tetraplegic man, Sam Claflin's Will Traynor, and his quest for assisted suicide,  as he was unable to accept a life of disability. 

Sex Education  (2019-23)

Features a character called Issac, who becomes physically disabled after falling from a tree as a child. He is a gifted artist and his storyline explores the personal and professional challenges of a disabled artistic genius. 

The  Midnight Club  (2022)

Explores the realities and challenges of disability, including broken dreams and abandonment, in Anya, an embittered wheelchair-bound teenager with a terminal illness.

Special (2019-21)

Ryan O'Connell, who has cerebral palsy in real life, plays a fictionalized version of himself, exploring themes of identity, relationships, and societal perceptions of disability.

Where do we stand as a society when it comes to protecting the rights of people with mental health disability? 


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