Intellectual disability comprises a series of neuro-developmental disorders marked by poor cognitive functioning and adaptive behavior. Its tale-tell signs include:

Including concerning slow progress in reaching developmental milestones, such as walking, talking, or potty training.

Develop Safe Spaces

Including struggles in understanding and/or using languages and acquiring new skills. 

Learning Difficulties

Including forgetfulness, irritability, and poor memory retention. 

Memory Challenges

Including challenges in problem-solving and logical reasoning.

Cognitive Shortcomings

Including limited adaptive and socializing skills like making friends, conversing with peers, eating in public, etc. 

Poor Social And Adaptive Skills

Including difficulties in reading, writing, developing age-appropriate vocabulary, etc. And completing academic tasks. 

Poor Academic Performance

Including an IQ below the average range (typically below 70).

Low IQ Scores

How are people with intellectual disability stigmatized? 


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