Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

Portrays the painful journey of a divorced father learning to be a single parent.

Three Men And A Baby (1987)

Comically explores the challenges of three bachelors suddenly becoming caregivers to an infant.

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Highlights the lengths a father will go to remain in his children's lives after a divorce.

Babadook (2004)

Uses a supernatural metaphor to illustrate the terrifying aspects of motherhood and maternal depression.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Shows a quirky family's road trip, emphasizing the imperfections and idiosyncrasies within family dynamics.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

Depicts a father's relentless struggle to provide for his child, despite dire circumstances.

Enchanted (2007)

Humorously contrasts fairytale parenting expectations with the complexities of real-life family dynamics.

Juno (2007)

Delves into the challenges and choices faced by a teenage girl navigating an unplanned pregnancy.

My Sister's Keeper (2009)

Explores the ethical and emotional dilemmas a family confronts when one child is genetically engineered to save another.

Away We Go (2009)

Follows a couple on a journey to find the ideal place to raise their child, examining different parenting styles and priorities.

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