Finnish Christmas Sauna

Many Finns enjoy two sessions of relaxing sauna on Christmas Eve as self-care for mental health.

Japanese KFC Feasts

 In Japan, a Christmas tradition involves indulging in a KFC meal, offering a break from traditional holiday cooking.

Norwegian Friluftsliv 

Norwegians often engage in outdoor activities like hiking or skiing to embrace nature and fresh air at Christmas. 

Danish Hygge Rituals

Danes celebrate "hygge" with cozy gatherings, candles, food, and comfort—fostering a sense of warmth and relaxation.

Italian Feast Of The Seven Fishes

Referred to as "La Viglia", this Christmas Eve tradition sees Italians partake in a seafood feast, thereby addressing feelings like homesickness. 

Icelandic Book Flood (Jólabókaflóð)

Icelanders exchange books on Christmas Eve, and follow this up with a cozy night of reading by the fire and drinking hot chocolate.

German Holiday Markets Strolls

Germans visit festive Christmas markets—combining socialization with the joy of seasonal treats, decorations, and gift shopping.

Mexican Las Posadas

This nine-day celebration religious celebration involves processions, storytelling, and communal house visits, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Australian Beach Celebrations

Australians often spend Christmas on the beach, combining sunshine, barbecues, and relaxation with festive cheer.

Swedish Saint Lucy's Day Processions

Swedes celebrate with candlelit processions, creating a serene and calming atmosphere during the holiday season.

How do Christmas traditions boost mental health?


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