A Lack Of Sleep

Inadequate sleep and untreated sleeping disorders impair brain health and cognitive functioning.

Over-consumption Of Processed Foods

Diets high in processed foods and additives may contribute to cognitive decline.

Excessive Sugar Consumption

High sugar intake is linked to cognitive decline and increased risk of neuro-degenerative disorders.

Not Addressing Chronic Stress

Prolonged stress releases cortisol, which can negatively impact memory and brain health.

Skipping Breakfast

Missing breakfast deprives the brain of essential nutrients needed for optimal function.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A lack of physical activity, mental exercises, and a sedentary schedule reduce blood flow to the brain, hindering cognitive performance.

Substance Use

Heavy consumption of substances like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco damages brain cells and impairs cognitive function.

Neglecting Social Connections

Isolation and a lack of social interaction are associated with poor brain health, cognitive decline, and mental health disorders.

What are the 8 student habits that destroy brain health? 


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