Emotional Resilience

You can effectively manage and bounce back from life's challenges without overwhelming distress.

Positive Relationships

You maintain healthy, supportive connections with friends and family.


You have a positive self-image and a healthy level of self-confidence.


You can adapt to changes and new situations without excessive anxiety or resistance.


You can focus, concentrate, and accomplish tasks efficiently and with satisfaction.

Emotional Expression

You can express your emotions appropriately and communicate your feelings effectively.

Stress Management

You have effective and healthy stress-coping strategies and can handle stressors without significant impairment.


You prioritize self-care activities and take time for relaxation, hobbies, and leisure.


You maintain a generally optimistic outlook on life, even during challenging times.

Life Satisfaction

You feel content and satisfied with your life overall.

How can you recognize the signs of poor mental health? 


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