Post-holiday blues are brief emotional downturn following the holiday season. It is usually characterized by :-

Sudden and frequent shifts in mood, from joy during the holiday season to feelings of sadness/emptiness afterward.

Mood Swings

Poor adjustment marked by fatigue, stress, over-exertion, and difficulty transitioning back to regular routines after the festivities.

Transition Stress

Irritability and difficulty concentrating on or finishing tasks, often resulting in decreased productivity.


Losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable, possibly due to a sense of letdown after the holiday excitement.

Withdrawal From Activities

Sleepless or disrupted sleep habits, characterized by either difficulty falling asleep or staying awake. 

Poor Sleep Patterns 

Significant changes in appetite or development of poor eating habits, such as overeating or drinking or a dramatic loss of appetite. 

Appetite Changes

A sense of loneliness or withdrawal from social interactions, especially if the holiday gatherings are over.


A maladaptive habit of looking back nostalgically on the holiday season and feeling a sense of longing for the joyful moments.

Nostalgic Reflection

Unhealthily contemplating unmet expectations/missed opportunities from the past year or feeling hopelessness for the approaching year. 

Reflective Regret

Experiencing physical symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, or acute body pain due to emotional strain.

Physical Symptoms

Post-Holiday Depression vs Post-Holiday Anxiety: What Do You Have? 


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