Verbal Abuse

Use of frequent harsh criticism and offensive language.


Being subjected to excessive monitoring and experiencing a loss of control over tasks.


Deliberate exclusion from activities, discussions, and important projects.

Unwarranted criticism

Being subjected to manipulation (like unjustified, belittling criticism) to undermine self-esteem and confidence.

Undermining and sabotage

Sabotaging professional reputation by slander or spreading false information.

Unfair workload

Being handed disproportionate workload, against meager financial compensation.

Threats and intimidation

Being subjected to unfair intimidation techniques and the fear of retaliation.

EmotionalPhysical symptoms

Experiencing stress-related symptoms like anxiety, depression, etc.

Ostracism and gossip

Being subjected to ostracism and unkind workplace gossip.

Disregard for boundaries 

Invasion of personal space and boundaries (like bank and social media accounts, dictating relationship between employees, etc.).

Can workplace bullying have mental health consequences? 


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