Blake Lively's Comment Box

Lively welcomes the idea of having a comment box at home for her children to offer constructive criticism, just like leaving feedback at a restaurant.

Jessica Biel's Sex Education

Biel advocates early, open discussions with children about sex and their bodies to reduce feelings of shame. She encourages using anatomically correct terminology, avoiding baby talk in sex education.

Chrissy Teigen's Restaurant Menu

Teigen has crafted a restaurant menu for her children to make meal times more manageable. This also allows her kids to enjoy role-play and its mental health benefits.

Jennifer Garner's "Yes Day"

Inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's "Yes Day!," Garner annually grants her children a special day where she says 'yes' to all their requests, within reasonable limits. 

Kate Middleton's Active Listening

The royal encourages adopting a kneeling posture when communicating with children, a method favored by Princess Diana. This approach, known as 'active listening,' is intended to offer reassurance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Frugal Buys

Gellar advocates buying her children's things on sale or at the dollar store. 

Elizabeth Banks' Asking For Help

Banks emphasized the importance of remaining open to help, noting that many mothers feel the need to be super moms.

Are Celebrity Parenting Hacks Effective? 


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