Carrying work stress at home can be extremely disruptive for our mental health and social relationships. But, with healthy ways to destress and unwind, one can easily manage work stress after work hours! 

Leave Your Work At Work

Try completing your work at the designated work hours in the office itself. Avoid carrying your work home. 

Establish Work Boundaries

Communicate with your colleagues and superiors about your work responsibilities and timings. Stick to these well-defined boundaries. 

Digital Detox After Working Hours

Make an effort to monitor work-related technology use after certain hours. This includes responding to work emails or calls, unless an emergency arises. 

Connect With Loved Ones

Consider spending time at home with your friends and family, rather than obsessing over work outside office hours. 

Prioritize Self-care

Avail mindfulness and stress-relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, etc. to rewind after work. 

Seek Professional Help

If you think it is difficult coping with work stress or you are displaying workaholic tendencies, consider consulting a therapist. 

Can carrying work stress home make you prone to depression? 


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