Christmas PTSD refers to the experience of individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder-like symptoms triggered by past traumatic events associated with the Christmas holiday season.

Christmas PTSD manifests in some pronounced ways. 


1. You experience intense anxiety or panic attacks during Christmas preparations.

2. You are overwhelmed by the pressure of holiday planning, expenses, and social expectations.

3. You tend to avoid Christmas-related activities and associated socializing events.

4. You find it difficult to meet social expectations, participate in festive activities, or maintain a cheerful demeanor during festive activities.

5. You have flashbacks of past stressful holiday events or intrusive thoughts about negative Christmas memories.

6. You experience sleeplessness, poor sleep, or nightmares as Christmas approaches. 

7. You experience mood swings and irritability or feel an increase in stress levels.

8. You experience physical symptoms like headaches or stomach-aches triggered by holiday stress. 

Christmas PTSD: Is This A Valid Mental Health Disorder?


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